Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in welcoming a Mapleleaf Golden into your family! We carefully screen all applicants to ensure our puppies go to loving, caring, and responsible homes. We also like to get to know all of our applicants so we can better match the right puppy to their forever homes. Much love, time, and energy has been invested on our puppies to ensure that they become a wonderful treasured family member for many years to come.

Before you can be added to the waiting list for a puppy, we require the completed application, either email or mail to the address below. After, I receive your application I will conduct a phone interview and then we will set up a time for you to visit our home and meet with our dogs. A deposit of $500 is required to be placed on the reservation list and order is determined by date of deposit. This deposit will be applied towards the total price of your new puppy and is totally refundable up to puppy's age of 2 weeks old.  



Home phone:                                     Cell phone:

Email address:

Is this your first dog you have owned?

Is this your first Golden Retriever?

Why did you decide on a Golden Retriever and a puppy?

Do you prefer a male or female?

What is your purpose, goal, and/or interest in your new puppy?

Family pet/companion                          Show/obedience/Breeding

Service/therapy dog                                Hunting/field trials

How many people live in your home, any children and ages?

Do you own your home or rent?    

Does your landlord allow dogs?

Type of dwelling:           Home               Condo                   Apt

Do all family members want a new puppy?

What is your current occupation?

Do you understand the commitment of having a puppy/dog for many years to come.

Do you currently have any other animals, if so what and age?

Is anyone home during the day?

How many hours & days on the average will the puppy be left alone?

Where will you new puppy live, sleep, eat, and play?

Do you have a fenced yard or invisible fence system, are you willing to have one installed?

Proper potty training takes commitment and patience, are you willing to make that commitment to your new puppy?

Do you understand that a puppy purchased from us must be a part of the family and not be a dog that lives outside?

As a pet, do you understand that your puppy will need to be neutered or spayed?

Diet plays and incredible role in your dog's health, what type of food do you plan to feed your puppy?

Name and phone number of your current veterinarian?

Do you plan on picking up your puppy, flying in to meet us at the airport, or having us ship your puppy to you?

Where did you find or hear about Mapleleaf Goldens?

Thank you in advance for answering the above questions and I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have for me.  

I have read the above and understand fully the implications:

Signed:                                                               Date: